PROLIGHTS @ Dubai Inner City Zoo nightclub

PROLIGHTS @ Dubai Inner City Zoo nightclub

Dubai’s reputation of exclusive and unique nightlife venues continues with the latest creation from industry leaders Solutions Leisure Group. "Inner City Zoo” located in Rixos The Walk Hotel, JBR encourages guests to release their inner animal with a packed roster of original club night events through the week as well a guest headline appearances from major international DJ acts.

Ben M Rogers was responsible for the Lighting & Visual project: “I have been involved from the ground up in the creative development of this venue because of the clients desire for the lighting and visual production to be an integral part of the venues concept”. Ben said. “We could have built a black-box but does not reflect Solution Leisure Group style. Each venue has a clear style and DNA - every finish, texture and colour is carefully considered to create a structured and designed guest experience in every aspect.”

“We immediately talked on different options of pixel matrix and about an immersive led ambient set-up, but we did not want to get too heavy with the videos” Ben continued. “ We did not just want a standard video screen and so we opted for a fragmented solution in different shapes and dimension. Which have also made an excellent contribution to the overall design, taking advantage of the layout on the ceiling, walls and DJ area”.

For the Inner City Zoo, Ben has chosen, in addition to the APIX2 LED wall modules, most of the projectors used for the lighting design: “I wanted a diverse palette of effects and combining the StarkBlade8, PixieBeam, Luma700 and Ruby of Prolights offered me just that - they all have great optics and power - and the infinite pan and tilt on the Pixie and Stark units really fit into the design. The Sunblast 3500 Graphic Strobe LEDs, which are generally set well below the maximum potential and easily dominate the surrounding environment."

30 led module APIX2
16 led moving barrel STARK BLADE 8
56 beam moving heads PIXIE BEAM
12 spot moving heads LUMA 700
23 beam moving heads RUBY
8 led graphic strobe SUN BLAST 3500 MAX
8 full color cob led par DISPLAY COB FC

"I was introduced to the Prolights product line originally in the UK because A.C. Entertainment Technologies is distributing the brands in the UK," explained Ben. "I worked a bit with Visual Connection's David Horner who was implementing them in his cruise ship projects, so I started playing with products and then getting to know people, they have a large warehouse in Europe and a big factory and very fast supply in the Far East - the service and support is also very good. I have examined other options, but Music & Lights guarantees with the Prolights brand an excellent line of products for our needs - and the range of LED spot heads that are unmatched for functionality and price“.